Curious Case#2: A Visit from ‘The Dead’

It was my first few days in KK Lanchang. Masih freshies, masih noobies kubis kudis. And obviously, as the youngest Medical Officer in the clinic, there’s a lot of new things that I don’t know about..
Then, Mawi menyapa dari belakang..

Dr Mawi:” weyh kau dah tengok dah ker? Jadual oncall dah keluar doe. Safuan letak kau oncall hujung bulan ni”.

Me: “eh, aku oncall gak ker?? Lah, aku ingatkan first month masuk, takyah oncall lagi, haritu Safuan gak yang cakap camtu..”

Notakaki: Dr Safuan is our MO in charge of the clinic a.k.a Our Small boss. Some small Klinik Kesihatan which doesn’t have any FMS (Family Medicine Specialist), will have this MO in charge thingy, to manage the clinic on behalf of the FMS.

Dr Mawi: “haha, selalunya memang second month baru oncall. Tapi takpe ah bro, maybe dia trust kau kot. Kita pun pernah handle Resus sama2, so aku rasa ok la kot”.

Me: ” hurm, aku ok jer. Btw, case kat sini time oncall camner bro? Heavy tak?”.

Dr Mawi: ” ikut nasib la. Ade time heavy , ade time tak. Tapi kau kan fresh from ED, so u should be able to handle all cases just fine. Cuma, kau just kena beware sket case2 antenatal, postnatal and case budak2 Under 5 years old. Sebab case camtu, bukan setakat kau buat silap jer kena query, diorang m**i kat rumah pun, kira salah kau. Letih weyh masuk mortality meeting. Nak kena present bagai”.

Then, when the time comes for me to oncall. I was at my mother in-laws house, tak senang duduk, panas p******g. I always staring at the phone, waiting anxiously for any call-ins. And my phone is always with me 24/7, even though during shower, the phone never left my sight. Because, as a new Medical officer I couldn’t afford to make any mistake. Because when I did, somebody might die, and the stress of living with that guilt is overwhelming. So, I hope nobody dies, at least not under my watch. And the phone was remains silent for the first 3 days, until that night…

that one night ,that I couldn’t forget..

I received a distress call from my Medical Assistant on duty..

MA Rus: “Salam , Dr Amal. Dr Amal oncall ker?”

Me: ” yes, aku oncall. Kenape bro?”

MA Rus: ” ni ade satu case baby B.I.D la (brought in dead)…”

Me: ” Baby B.I.D??? Baby?? Weyh , initiate resus la bang. Aku on the way sekarang ni !!” (melompat aku dari katil capai scrubs and grab stethoscope terus pecut naik kereta).

still on the phone..

Ma Rus: “nak resus macam mana doktor?? Memang baby dah takde. Dah sejuk pucat abes da. Memang dah takde sign of life. Mak dia kata dah tak bernafas sejak dari pukul 5 petang tadi lepas tu baru bawak ke klinik pukul 8malam ni ha. Saya tanya kenapa lambat bawak? Mak dia kata takde kenderaan nak datang klinik, nombor ambulans pun semua tak tahu. Memang masalah lah mak dia ni!”.

Me: ” La yeker. Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun. Takpe lah. Kau tunggu sana aku datang ni. Dah inform balai polis belum?”.

MA Rus: ” dah. Polis dah tahu. Sekarang mak dia ade kat balai tengah beri keterangan. Body baby tu ade ngan saya ni..”

As I arrived, that baby was already covered with kain batik and sehelai kain putih from the clinic. I opened up the wrappings and terus auscultate, memang dah takde any heart beat nor any spontaneous breathing. I sat down feeling so hopelessly. And was thinking that If the mother could inform us earlier, this baby might have a chance. I felt like my NRP certificate (Neonatal Resuscitation Programme) that I received, is for nothing. I have been trained to resus a baby, and I know how to resus one, but it was too late. The baby has already gone…

and nothing that I could do to change that..

Me: ” Eh Tam, cerita budak ni camner? Mak dia cakap aper?”.

MA Rus: Mak dia kata pukul 3 petang tadi, Mak dia bagi dia minum susu botol and terus tertidur sekali dengan baby. Bila mak dia sedar dalam pukul 5 petang camtu, mak dia perasan anak dia dah terbaring terlingkup muka mengadap ke tilam, dah tak bergerak dah. Then, Mak dia cuba tepuk-tepuk baby tu, tapi still tak bergerak, takde respons. Pastu mak dia yang masa tu tinggal dengan nenek dia, menjerit mintak tolong. Diorang tinggal kat pedalaman, atas bukit, kiri kanan takde jiran. Kenderaan pun takde. Jadi masa tu mak dia call adik beradik dia lah yang tinggal dekat Temerloh untuk datang tengokkan baby tu. Bila semua dah sampai, baru diorang decide nak bawak ke klinik, confirm death…”

Me: “After 3 jam baru nak bawak ke klinik?? Apsal lambat sangat doe?”.

As I stared at the body again, Then my eyes was caught at the frothy bubbles on the both nostrills.

Me: “eh , bubbles apa kat hidung ni, tadi memang dah ade ker? Budak ni lemas dalam air ker?”.

MA Rus: ” eh tak tahu lah pulak. Tadi takde pun. Mak dia tak cakap pun lemas”.

Me:” Jom tolong aku bukak balutan baby ni, macam suspicious lah budak ni”.

At the first sight, I was able to recognize that bubbles on the nostrils is a surfactant froth. Surfactant is a type of special fluid in the lungs alveoli to prevent the alveoli from collapsing on exhalation. From what I know back then from my forensics class, Surfactant froth sign, on the nostrills are commonly found on the body of a drowned victims. However, it was also found on the body who died due to SUFFOCATION…

With the help of my Medical Assistant, I quickly undressed the body fully, and I could see the obvious bruises over the anterior chest wall bilaterally, and on the close examination, there is also some bruises at the left side of nostrill. However, the ribs is not fractured, and there is a fresh stool seen at the child’s pants, and the child is not wearing any diapers…

Oh Demit.. Then suddenly I was thinking that. Could it be a homicide case? Is there is any possibility that the child was being suffocated using a pillow? And could it be the mother herself, was purposely not putting this child with diapers because she knew that the child will be dead anyway??

When the police arrived, I present my findings and my Provisional Cause of Death as an Asphyxial condition, likely due to suffocation. And I labeled the death as suspicious, and I challenged the mother’s right not for an autopsy. To send the child for an autopsy by the Forensics tonight.

Notakaki: The details of the autopsy and progress of the case is strictly confidential and it cannot be disclosed to public.

The next day, I received another call in the middle of the night by my Medical Assistant saying that there are both patients came with chest pain and the ECG findings looks rather suspicious. I was quickly glancing through the ECG and My GOD. They were both having a Myocardial Infarction at the same TIME !!! One has an anterioseptal MI and the other has Inferior MI. My MA call me in to help as one of the patient seems like going to collapse anytime soon.

After resuscitating and sending them to Hospital, aku sampai klinik pukul 1.30 pagi. Then, lepas salam and main babai babai dengan MA dan pilot on call, aku menuju ke kereta yang diparking baik dekat bawah bumbung parking MO on call. Masuk jer dalam kereta , aku start engine and terus masuk gear reverse..

Tiba-tiba, alarm gear reverse sensor pun berbunyi sekuatnya, “tttetttttttttttttttttttttttttt…ttetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…tttettt” seperti ade something belakang kereta aku yang dah nak terlanggar. Aku macam jadi bingung jap. Aku usya kat reverse camera takde apa-apa pun. Semuanya Clear, memang takde apa2 kat belakang kereta aku pun. Tapi bila aku try reverse slowly balik, alarm reverse still berbunyi bising…

Aku terus tarik hand break, turun kereta and usya belakang kereta. Saje nak cek, kalau ade apa2 yg reverse camera aku tak dapat capture. Kosong. Nothing. Not even a cat or a tiny mouse pun yang melintas dekat belakang kereta aku. Hurm, confuse jap, maybe my Reverse sensor dah rosak kot.

“ah, lantaklah. Mata dah kuyu badan dah lesu ni, aku just nak balik and tido”. Then aku reverse balik slow-slow. Eventhough, my reverse sensor and alarm still bunyi bising, tapi aku buat tak kisah. Tapi kali ni, aku usya kat reverse camera. Tiba-tiba nampak macam ade satu tiang kecik warna putih yg jaraknya lebih kurang 1 meter dari belakang kereta aku…
“aik pelik?? Nila masa plak ade tiang kecik tu? Tadi aku usya takde pun? Bila masa pulak benda ni ade tiba-tiba?”.

Sebab tiang kecik tu, position dia agak lateral sedikit belah kanan belakang kereta aku, aku confident

untuk reverse maneuver slow-slow tanpa turun dari kereta..


Bunyi reverse sensor agak membingitkan telinga, tapi aku continue jer reverse slow2 with the help of my reverse camera. Sedang aku makin dekat, makin dekat dengan tiang kecik tu untuk cuba mengelak. The image gets clearer and clearer, dan barulah aku perasan yang benda putih tu bukanlah sebuah tiang…


I was stunned by the ‘thing’ that I saw from my reverse camera. It was a child about my knee height. Yang sedang memandang tajam straight ke depan, emotionlessly. Kemas berbungkus rapi dengan kain putih, and she was standing still. Until suddenly I saw that ‘thing’ gradually moving and was approaching towards the back of my car, and she was turning her face towards the car with that rounded but creepy eyes..


Suddenly I heard a sounds of baby crying. From outside. Sayup-sayup kedengaran and makin lama makin jelas, and that ‘thing’ was almost hitting my car until all I could see from my reverse camera is just a white cloth, and nothing else. I was so terrified and trembling in fears. Never in my life , I felt so terrified, I was so afraid even to breath. Let alone to make any sounds…

I was shivering and my hands and feet were shaking uncontrollably. I was trying to grab my phone in my pocket to open the mp3 of surah ayatul kursi, but as i unlocked my phone the screen was showing the face of the dead baby that I captured last night!!! How it possibly happens, I don’t know, and that phone was terus terjatuh ke bawah seat and aku tak berani nak ambik dah.

I looked up again at my reverse camera and luckily that thing was gone, takde, terus hilang. Bunyi budak nangis pun terus takde. Alhamdulillah. Then, sedang aku terkumat kamit baca ayat kursi di mulut, aku hit balik reverse gear and niat terus nak blah dari situ.

Until suddenly, aku terbau macam bau budak2 kecik. Alah, macam bau baby yang kita bau and kata bau syurga tu. Ha, that kind of smell la, it was filling up my car. And ntah kenapa aku gatal2 sangat nak usya cermin belakang, saje2 nak tengok2 , takut ade benda yang menumpang. Sebab aku bawak MPV, kereta Exora bold, memang lah banyak empty seat kat belakang. 5 vacant seats at the back to be exact, tapi tak semestinya aku bagi orang tumpang…

Alhamdulillah, aku usya2 cermin belakang takde apa2. Tapi bau tu still ade lagi la. Then, lepas aku masuk gear D, aku terus pandang depan budget nak gerak dah. Astaghfirullahalazim, aku terpandang cermin belakang, nampak budak tu betul2 duduk belakang seat aku!!!!!! Macam harammmm jads….
main naik jer, tak bagi salam apa pun.

So, aku tak jadi nak gerak, sebab takkan aku nak angkut budak ni balik rumah kot? Time tu memang siyut la, aku baru jer nak ade semangat balik dah jadi takut balik. Aku tak berani nak toleh belakang nak pandang budak tu directly, tapi entah macam ade kuasa apa entah yang pegang kepala aku tak boleh nak alih pandangan dari cermin belakang, and nak tutup mata pun tak boleh…

Ya Allah, ni bala ni memang bala.

I was able to recognize the face, this is the baby that I pronounced dead last night. She looks so clean and innocent, like a baby. Tapi aku perasan kali ni budak tu mata dia terpejam, dan bukan terbeliak lagi macam tadi, then dia terus tersenyum takde nampak gigi and terus vanished, macam tu jer. Ape benda dia nak sampaikan pun, aku tak tahu. Kalau this is the way dia macam cuba nak say ‘thanx’, I think dia kena improve on her manners lah. Because there is a huge different on expressing her gratitude and scared people to death. HUGE difference, indeed..

And aku memang tak paham apa yang dia cuba nak sampaikan. Tadi mula-mula aku tengok mata dia macam terbeliak, sekarang bila dia datang dekat, mata dia tutup. Tadi muka macam stone jer, tapi pastu tiba-tiba dia senyum and terus hilang. Sorry lah , they do not teach me ‘Dead People Language’ in my Med School last time. If you want to say thanx, then you might as well just say it rather then kacau my reverse sensors and alarm…

But anyway, I understand that maybe it is not all her fault, because developmentally she’s still not reaching the age to be able to say “a word with meaning” yet. She need to pass 12 months old to be able to do that, and maybe that is the best that she could do to say thanx. Ok la, apology accepted. Lepas benda tu blah, aku tengok jam baru pukul 1.45pagi. Just 15 minit jer benda ni berlaku, tapi aku rasa macam dah berjam-jam lamanya.

I parked my car and decide utk tidur dekat rumah transit MA oncall malam tu. Pagi esok aku terbangun lambat sket sbab sangat mengantuk, tapi selamat aku ade baju spare dalam kereta even tak bergosok pun. MA Rustam tegur aku, cakap yang dia perasan yang dia nampak aku duduk dalam kereta lama malam tadi, ingatkan just tidur dalam kereta jer.

Ha..ha…ha, aku tak tahu nak gelak ke apa sebab tak kelakar pun. Aku just cakap yang malam tadi aku rasa panas sket, tu yang aku terlelap jap kat dalam kereta pasang air cond. Cover line! Pagi tu memang aku rasa satu badan lenguh-lenguh macam baru lepas bertumbuk, ade rasa macam tak sihat sikit lah, tapi aku tetap kerja macam biasa and tak ambik MC. Cos aku rasa doctors ni among the profession yg mmg jarang ambik MC la, unless they were drop dead, status epilepticus for half a day or was being intubated in ICU. Itu pun orang yang bagi dia MC, they didn’t request for it. They ‘earned’ it..

I was remains silent about this thing and never tell it to anyone except my wife masa I balik KL on the next weekend. I never had a strength to write about this up until now, when a friend of mine was sharing the similar experience. But mine was a bit longer la sket, siap ade mukadimamah bagai. Since that, aku tak pernah kena ‘kacau’ lagi pun time oncall, it was just that time la. And to say that whether It is just something that was coming from my head and was not a real thing or maybe I was traumatized from seeing the dead body that cause me to have such experience. Hello, I’m seeing a dead body almost everyday. It is a part and parcel of the life as a doctor, never I’ve been so traumatized or emotionally deeply disturbed in seeing such event…

Up until now, I still tak sure why that ‘thing’ decide to pay me a visit in such a manner, tapi aku da malas nak pikir sebab ianya bukan ade change any management pun. I felt such a relief to be able to write about this after almost 7 months it happened, and I hope, no one would ever encounter such experience..

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69 thoughts on “Curious Case#2: A Visit from ‘The Dead’”

  1. ko nak English..english je.
    ko campur MELAYU.
    pening aku setan.
    aku paham ko nak tjuk ko Doc..speaking very well.

    ko tau tak sni ramai Melayu je

      • siapa yang bodoh sebenarnya skrng ni hahaha. kalau dah x paham english tu belajar lah, bukan cakap orang lain bodoh. Ni mindset kurun ke berapa ni aduuh . Plus at least dia dah jadi doctor, kau jadi apa? senang2 cakap orang bodo.

    • ehemm… memanglah penulisan doc ni, in term of medical skit, but ada jugak selitan ilmu kat situ, kira okey lah dia nk kongsi citer, cite ni best bagi aq, sbb x bnyak mengarut, ckup buat bulu roma aq naik, kalau x faham sgd, jgn salahkan penggunaan bahasa, dri skolah kan, cikgu ajar bahasa inggeris ngn malay, x kan satu pun x faham..
      keep it up doc, your story is da best, tringin nk jadi mcm doc, but ended up amik course forestry.. 🙁

  2. kalau boleh doc kurang kan medical term tu.. aku ni sekolah tak tinggi mcm doc jadi aku tak paham.. ko sebut je terus istilah senang paham lenkali ye doc.. pasal cite ko dalam english aku tak dehal.. cikgu bi aku dulu tak m**i.. sempat dia ajar smpi aku paham.. anyway nice story.. keep it up..

  3. Buat semua pembaca, relax je la. Kt FS ni bkn semua ada byk pengalaman menulis. Kita baca pun x kena bayar, lagi mau marah2 & demand mcm2. Utk Dr Amal, terima kasih berkongsi pengalaman.

    • Kann? Ni semua free kot. Free for people to read, and free for people to write jugak.

      Baru mix english pun gelabah semua orang. Sendiri tak faham bahasa nak marah orang padahal penulisan dia simple je pun. Ni jauh lagi bagus dari yang dah la asal melayu duk tanah melayu tulis dalam melayu tapi orang baca pun masih tak paham. Kadang yang borneo dan bukan melayu tulis lagi better, minggu lepas siap ada brother melayu Singapore tulis lagi cantik berbanding yang duk Malaya ni. Buat malu je.

      Gelabahla melayu2 totok ni.

      Btw cerita layan bro, interesting sbb ada info2 yang menarik selain hantu saja. That what makes a good writing, ada selitan2 ilmu. Walaupun ada grammar mistakes tapi kita chill, ntah2 kalau tulis proper english lagi panas orang2 kat sini.

  4. Best! Not bad for a beginner. I dont mind the mashup of BI and BM. It’s the story that i’m more interested into. Nnt share lah lg experience doc kt sini ^_^

  5. Nice story doc. But first of all know your readers. Not all of them ada medical basic. Utk yg tahu bagusla dapat faham. Utk yg x tahu? Benda ni nampak sangat merapu.

    Btw dr, kau syok sendiri la taip cerita ni. Xyah sambungla.

    Sincerely from my heart,

  6. Doc, kot ye pon ckp lh baby tu meninggal asbab ap..curious sy nk tau..pnjg2 bce medical term doc..nsb bole fhm lg..kalau x cte ni classify as boring..

  7. Penceritaan yang baik.
    pertama kali, ada doktor muda yg cerita n percaya benda ghaib ni. Biasa doktor muda susah nk percaya memenda mcm ni.

    Tapi nak tahu juga, apa reaksi dan ekspresi wajah mak baby tu masa dia hantar anaknyer ke klinik?

    Akhirnya, berjaya menulis komen dalam bahasa kebangsaan yang penuh.


    Doctor, feel free to share more stories here. Will try to read all your stories. We’re from different profession, but i understand it is not easy to translate all the terms in Bahasa kebangsaan.

  8. Seramnya cerita ni..hantu baby pun seram.. Huhu terima kseh share story.. Bagus sbb detail..senang nak imagine situasinya bagaimana.. A walk in your shoe bak kate orang..

  9. Cerita menarik,but in case Dr nk tulis medical term boleh lah bg explaination skit dlm Layman term/b.melayu supaya mudah difahami pembaca lain dan menamabah info ttg bidang perubatan.Nice try Dr,keep it up ?
    result siasatan baby td,homicide ke cam mna?

  10. Errr…Kalau boleh jangan campur bahasa bleh? kan apa..kalau penulisan yg betul cam journal perubatan..dah kena reject. Rata2 pembaca FS ni bukan tak reti BI..tapi ni site dgn genre hadam medical terms..BI kau tak kusyuk….org putih kata x boleh pakai satu bahasa laa yerrr…..

  11. setankan bahasa, medical terms dia.
    Kalau tak faham google translate jer.
    Tapi lagi molek kalau nak guna terms letak la maksud dalam kurungan JUBAKE (perkataan mencarut orang melayu)..
    Fokuskan ceritanya.
    Semua nak tahu apa sebenarnya berlaku kat baby tu?
    Betulkah d*****h ibu sendiri?
    Tak dapat dibayangkan bayi yang tak bersalah d*****h oleh ibu sendiri.
    Orang yang sepatutnya membela,membelainya.

    Semoga tenang di taman syurga bayi yang tidak ku kenal..Amin..

  12. cerita doctor ni best.

    ok je kalau bahasa campur-campur. cuma dah alang2 60% in English, better tuan doctor tulis je dalam bahasa inggeris. buku2 seram in English pun meremang bulu roma oii. dalam ni rasanya tiada rules boleh guna bahasa melayu je. kalau rasa tak faham in case ada yang buat story in English 100%, uols boleh buka kamus atau uols skip je cerita tu. habis cerita. tak perlulah nak drop comments yang pertikaikan itu ini. okbai.

  13. English is a language, not a measure of intelligence.

    Korang patut bersyukur, sbb korang pun boleh belajar english sekali bila dia tulis essay in english mcm ni.

  14. Because we Malaysian memang suka bahasa campur2 kot. Tengok je kat twitter or instagram, bersepah bahasa rojak. Pastu acah2 pening bahasa campur2 mcm ni

  15. Bro,yg caci maki kau tulis campur2 tu,sbnrnya dia tak faham.sbb tu dia caci.dlm hidup dia,dia guna simple english je. So, bro,citer kau best cuma make it understandable for us,laymen.

    Teruskan menulis bro. I support u

  16. ” Kalau this is the way dia macam cuba nak say ‘thanx’, I think dia kena improve on her manners lah. Because there is a huge different on expressing her gratitude and scared people to death. HUGE difference, indeed..

    And aku memang tak paham apa yang dia cuba nak sampaikan. Tadi mula-mula aku tengok mata dia macam terbeliak, sekarang bila dia datang dekat, mata dia tutup. Tadi muka macam stone jer, tapi pastu tiba-tiba dia senyum and terus hilang. Sorry lah , they do not teach me ‘Dead People Language’ in my Med School last time. If you want to say thanx, then you might as well just say it rather then kacau my reverse sensors and alarm…”

    bang… ni klako bang.. hahahah. ko dah kena kacau camtu pun ko boleh pikir +ve . muahahahah~~

    eh yg lain2 ni.. janji cerita yg dia sampaikan tu, sampai.. mmg la ada medical2 terms dia yg ntah hapa2 tu.. kamon la.. bukak fiksyen syasya boleh, google sikit2 cari natang apa yg dia sebut tu, x kan xboleh? tambah la ilmu sikit.. english x english.. ko bukak la google translate kalau malas nak bukak kamus oxford darjah 6 tu..


  17. I really love this kind of story… Ni baru lah seram , rather than yg main rasuk2… Nsib lah mak aku nurse , dpt lah aku tnya maksud2 word tu hahahahha

  18. Sedih baca comment @singkong n keju dgn si @jashim tu…nk setan dan bosokan org…malu sket…org tu lbh educated dr korang berdua…atleast dia contribute gak pengalaman dia..dr korang berdua…pandai komen tp apa pon tarak…buat semak lg la

  19. Kalau this is the way dia macam cuba nak say ‘thanx’, I think dia kena improve on her manners lah.

    Haha…part ni mmg kelakar ! God job dr. Keep writing. Bahasa campur sometimes better tuk baca.

  20. please write again. i don’t mind reading in english+malay
    cerita kau tetap seram bro
    aku kalau ghost child ni memang kalah lebih skek
    membayangkan je pun dah naik bulu roma

  21. keep it up, Doc…even though I’m study until high school but I still can read and understand your story…even though you using medical term…thumbs up!!

  22. This is a very interesting story ! I don’t mind the mixed up language tho. Still boleh faham. Just ignore those yg cakap cerita ni tak best. Saya rasa cerita ni okay je and mudah nak faham. Good job, doc. Keep up the good work ! ?

  23. Nice story.i’m a nurse.n we know what wil happend when u start on call.anythg can hppen n abaikn mreka yg xtau krja kita.keja kk memag byk dugaan.nk plak time on call

  24. good story but way too many jargons. try to minimize jargon next time & let someone who is not a medical practitioner to read proof ur story first.

  25. Tak suka tak payah caci maki. Aku ok je..paham je, siap ada feel seram lagi bila baca sama2 dengan kawan. Kawan siap buat sound effect lg..

  26. “Aku rasa kalau nak berterima kasih ni bukan caranya. beza sangat dan aku x pernah belajar pon pasal benda tu masa belajar perubatan.”


  27. Seriously… i dun mind reading english stories… its juz d med terms that need to be explained more in “bahasa rakyat jelata” so we cud understand more on d procedures whatsoever…

    Good writing… good info n explanation.. alhamdulillah.. ini slh 1 cth penulisan berserta ilmu.. teruskan menulis dr… menulis dr hati lbh mudah difahami..

  28. Abg doktor, cerita ni best.tapi tolonggggla jgn campur aduk bm n bi.sakit kepala taw x.saya sbg cikgu bm nak marah ni..haaa geram taw x.tolong yer…tolongg lain kli tulis bm terus.pembaca fs bukan nk g kelas medic.haiss…stress.ngade la kau ni abg doctor

  29. walaupun aku tak faham terms medic yang doc ni guna, tapi dapat sikit ilmu la dari pengalaman dia ni and sekurang2nya aku faham skop tugas dia sebagai doctor ni, penulisan dia best lah, walaupun bahasa medic dia satu pun aku tak paham. hahahhaha best!!!!

  30. Myocardial infarction tu mcm heart attack in normal languang.
    Surfactant – substance yg ada dekat paru2 so that paru2 tak terus bercantum masa kita hembus nafas.

  31. Good story. Saya suka cerita dari medic background people-doktor. Sebab cerita dia selalunya seram. Especially bila melibatkan hospital/klinik. Cerita plak mesti dari pengalaman sebenar, tak merapu & boleh dipercayai. Why? Sebab doktor ni dah terbiasa dengan Sains & logik akal. So, bila dia cerita tentang sesuatu yg agak mustahil untuk dibuktikan dengan fakta & logik akal, bagi saya itu dah cukup membuktikan cerita dia bukan sekadar fiksyen. Tolong tulis lagi please. Tapi lebih baik tulis in Malay lepas ni. Tak sangka dalam Fiksyen Shasha dah ada makcik bawang & pakcik rewang yg suka mengecam. Oppss. *Tak macam awal2 FS dulu.*


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